Follow the white rabbit and take the red pill.

Custom solution to fit Your vision.

Custom web design solutions and Web site building.

Main focus is on delivering our service as we agreed.

We strive to understand what problems you face.

We think solution should meet your business goals, and how we can have a positive impact on your organization.

Through careful communication, planning and diligent task management we can meet your goals with custom business solutions.

It's the only way!

WebDesign - Step into the Wonderland.

Your business can simply have beautiful web story.

With Lotar studio you can. Let us create for you.

Complete content viewable across all modern browsers and has compatibility across devices: PCs, tablets, smart phones.

When you’re ready to publish, simply feel free to contact Lotar studio. ... (click here)

Experience will web You properly.

A lot of things have to be taken into account when designing a website, from visual appearance to functional design.

Organization of information in a clear and logical way.

Navigation is a cornerstone of usability. Select a navigation pattern based on the user’s needs.

A properly-structured page makes it clear where each user interface element is located in the layout.

People are more likely to quickly scan a web page than to read everything there.

Other services that might be involved ...

Have you created a logo?

Do you have a business card?

Need a leaflet/flyer or brochure maybe?

We also do photo processing and correction if necessary.

How about video clip? Imagine that variety of video and sound effects in video editing.

Do you need a database application to run your business more easily?

What You should to provide ...

You should have a general idea about Your WebSite presentation should look like.
» we will give suggestion if there is none «

Prepare information from Your Hosting Provider to access ControlPanel.

Prepare Your contact info (address, phone / fax number, eMail, etc).

Prepare idea how Your WebSite should look like.
» we will give suggestion if there is none «

Prepare Your logo.

Prepare all text for WebSite presentation.

Prepare all photos / video clips for WebSite presentation.
» we will give suggestion if there is none «

Prepare to be in touch with us and exchange information so we can achieve Your goal for You.